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Pain Management Programs

» Reduce Pain
» Increase Function
» Prevent Re-occurrences

Rehabilitation for patients in pain is designed to relieve pain, promote healing, and restore function and movement. Functional deficits often result from patient avoidance due to pain. Our clinicians work in conjunction with referring physicians to help patients get past their pain and regain lost strength and mobility.

The ultimate goal is to progress in pain-free increments until full function is restored with any avoidance patterns eliminated to prevent re-injury.

CORA treats these diagnoses but is not limited to:

     - Acute lower back pain
     - Chronic headaches
     - Fibromyalgia
     - Rheumatoid arthritis
     - Osteoarthritis
     - Neuropathic pain
     - RDS/RPS nerve hypersensitivity after injury

At CORA you can expect:

     - Mobilization of joints and bones
     - Movement therapy and exercise
     - Soft tissue techniques from massage to myofacial release
     - Electrical stimulation
     - Heat and cold therapy
     - Various modalities where treatment is tailored to the patient’s needs

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CORA Rehabilitation Programs:

General Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy

Our basic physical therapy and recovery program focuses on not only healing the injury or condition, but on prevention of future injuries.

Worker's Comp Rehabilitation

We return patients to work as soon as possible, reduce the frequency and severity of injuries and reduce employer's costs and lost time.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Our Sports Medicine program is designed to rehabilitate, recondition and return athletes to their pre-injury level of activity.

Rehabilitation for Seniors

Our Medicare-friendly program for senior patients is perfect for recovery from physical injuries or impairments and post-surgery rehabilitation.

Auto Injury Rehabilitation

Our auto injury rehabilitation program will assist you in returning you to your normal, daily, living activities as soon as possible.